Background Music Help

IF your using Netscape 2.x or less (I don't know about Internet Explorer), chances are, the background music isn't playing. This shouldn't be a problem for Netscape 3.0 and Internet Explorer 3.0 users. To make the music run, you need to associate a program to the midi file. To do this, click on "OPTIONS" and then on the "GENERAL PREFRENCES" tag. Once you are in, click on the "HELPERS" tag. Look for "midi" under the "file extensions" column. Click on it and and then under the action section, click "launch the application". Then type in your midi application. For Windows users, you can use mplayer.exe or any other application that can run midi files. I don't know about mac, but just look around.

If you can't find "midi" under the "file extensions" column, you'll need to create a new type by clicking on the button "Create New Type." Under "mime type" put "midi". Leave Sub-mime type black. Then do the above. Thanks, and good luck ;)

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