Cool Links

Welcome to the links page. These links aren't necessarily related to this page. They are, in my humble opinion, well designed and interesting sites. If you have the time, check some of them out.

YuHsin's Den An extremely excellent graphics design page. Get a free logo now!
Tripod A nicely done site that offers free home pages.
Javascript A very cool page that offers javascripts.
Internet Explorer Microsoft's latest ver. of IE. Nice interface and features.
Netscape Navigator One of the best browsers. Get your copy today!
C|net A nicely done on-line community, with games, reviews, news, etc.
Yahoo! The granddaddy of all search engines.
Lycos Another good search engine. Lots of entries.
Case's Ladders The best game ladder/competition site. Period.
The Arena My other home page for games. Under heavy construction
Juno Free e-mail!.
The List A giant list of ISP all around the world.
Kali Multiplayer Gaming A superb program that let's you play games over the internet.

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